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Ear Chheng LCSW

Welcome! I'm Chheng and I've enjoyed helping children and adolescents for my entire professional life. Seeing their progress delights me. Working with them enriches my life. Children and I find a way of connecting that is playful and serious. Together we explore their inner strengths. We find tools for decreasing the volume of any chaos holding them back. 

In my 20 years experience as a licensed therapist, mental health consultant, and parenting coach, I have seen remarkable 

growth and change:​

  • Emotional agility and new coping skills

  • Self-confidence and a more robust sense of self

  • Cooperative and competent interactions with adults and peers

  • Empathy and attunement to self and others

  • Increased trust in  relationships

Meet Chheng 


Hello, I'm Chheng. Welcome to my corner of the internet. As a parent, it can be difficult to know what your child may need to thrive and realize their potential. Understanding their behaviors and figuring out what they need may not be clear. You may wonder what else you could possibly do to support your child. You may feel like you’ve done everything, and yet still your child has difficulties. You can see your child's struggles: outbursts, anxiety/fearfulness, low self-esteem, developmental delays, repetitive behaviors, uncooperativeness, lack of friends, and risky behaviors. ​As parents, these behaviors can be concerning, frustrating, and worrying. You may worry that these behaviors could hinder your child’s future.

With over 18 years of experience as a clinical therapist, I've seen remarkable transformations: children finding increased joy and new capacities, families relating to each other in new ways, and individuals discovering their hidden potential. I believe in finding natural interventions that can actually get to the root causes as opposed to just managing behavioral symptoms. I believe that every person brings their own unique personality, sensitivities, ancestral/familial experiences to their environment. My therapeutic approach is respectful, compassionate, and grounded in the latest insights on attachment, developmental science, relational neurobiology, brain development, sensory processing, and trauma.

I have had specialized training and experience in infant and early childhood mental health, parenting support, children experiencing emotional and behavioral dysregulation, anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma, ADHD, aggression, grief, and relationship/attachment issues. 

We are living in such difficult and often lonely times. Whether you're a loving parent seeking guidance or an individual looking for support, I offer my help to you to increase your peace, joy, and connection.


Let's embark on this path together!​

Young Adult and

College Age Therapy


Chheng is an exceptionally thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate therapist. If it wouldn’t be a conflict because of our friendship, she would be the first person I would call for help with my children. Her capacity to hold the needs of the child and also the parent are unparalleled. Her love of children, cultivated curiosity, and insatiable desire to learn and apply the latest and most relevant research in child psychology make her an asset to the field and a gift to her clients.     

~Andra Soto, LCSW

Chheng focuses on biologically based behaviors and recognizes “faulty neuroception” in troubled youth and this allows her to design effective interventions.  She is very thoughtful and creative and has the ability to make breakthroughs on tough cases! 

~Jennifer Frankovich, MD, MS

Co-Director, SCH Immune Behavioral Health Clinic

Director, SCH Immune Behavioral Health Research Program

Stanford University School of Medicine


Chheng truly excels in facilitating open and honest communication among family members, fostering a safe space where issues can be explored and resolved collaboratively. Chheng is not only a skilled clinician, but also a committed healer and a colleague who strives for excellence in all that she does. Her warmth, authenticity, and expertise make her an invaluable asset for any family seeking therapeutic support.

~Sunny Cho, LMFT


Chheng's compassionate wisdom, informs her expertise in caring for both children and adults. Her ability to truly see and sit with the pain we carry makes her one of the most competent therapists with which I have professionally interacted. I highly recommend Chheng Ear.

~Erin Wurtemberg, LMFT


I cannot tell you how much you have meant in our parenting journey. I keep coming back to the term "scaffolding" because I truly have felt held up by you. Your ability to help reframe a situation where I was feeling hopeless and helpless has been invaluable. You have a gift. I feel blessed you shared it with us.

~Parent of a four-year-old


When I'm working with couples who are desperate for help parenting a young child, Chheng Ear is the first person who comes to mind. I recently gave her name to a couple who had read all the books, attended parenting classes and had private coaching yet were at a complete loss for how to connect with and guide a spirited 2-year-old. They called me after meeting with Chheng saying they got more out of one hour with her than they had from all the books and classes and coaches combined. The father was in tears over his newfound desire to meet his child with compassion and tenderness rather than the harsh parenting he had received. What a victory for this couple and their child. Thank you, Chheng.   

~Bridget Quebodeaux, LMFT

(408) 320-9235

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Telehealth or home-based services is an option upon assessment

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  • Choosing the right Therapy depends on various factors, including the nature of the concerns, individual preferences, and the therapist's expertise. During the initial assessment, Chheng will discuss your specific needs and recommend a tailored approach.

  • If your child is experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties, a consultation with a therapist is recommended. The therapist will assess your child's needs and discuss appropriate therapeutic options, such as Play Therapy or Child-Parent Psychotherapy.

  • Absolutely. Therapy is a dynamic process, and your needs may evolve. Communicate openly with your therapist about any changes; they will collaborate with you to adjust the therapeutic approach as necessary.

  • Online Therapy is suitable for many individuals. Factors such as convenience, comfort with technology, and the therapist's expertise in telehealth services are essential considerations. Discuss your preferences with your therapist to determine the best fit.

  • Look for a therapist whose expertise aligns with your needs and with whom you feel comfortable. Consider their therapeutic approach, experience, and any specific certifications or specialties they may have.

  • Absolutely. Open communication is crucial. Feel free to ask your therapist about their therapeutic approach, training, and how they tailor their methods to meet each client's unique needs.

An accelerated, affect and somatic-focused, experiential and psychodynamic therapy where the unconscious becomes conscious through an experiential process, making it possible for an individual to integrate past experience in new ways. This often leads to changes in behavior and the development of more secure, loving attachment relationships.

Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy 

Therapy where parent/caregiver and child are seen together. Recommended for children ages 0-6+.

Dyadic Therapy

Understanding and addressing family dynamics for positive change. Strengthening family connection and improving communication dynamics.

Family Therapy 

Uses multiple forms of creative expression to support self-expression, self-regulation and enhancing mental well-being.

Expressive Art Therapy

Utilizing Internal Family System principles for facilitating growth, health, and restoration.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

An evidenced-based treatment that helps children address negative effects of trauma.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)
Garden Waterfall

An evidenced-based treatment recommended for children 0-5 who have experienced adverse or traumatic experiences.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

An attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children and support healthy development.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)

Using play as a medium for self-expression, supporting connection and healing.

Play Therapy

Integrates talk therapy, mindfulness and movement to process and release emotions and promote healing and wholeness.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

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