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Therapy & Support for Children 0-5 years

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Growing Happy & Healthy Together: Expert Therapy & Support

for Young Children & Families 

Nurturing Tiny Minds:

Therapy & Support

for Children 0-5 years 

Raising a little one is a thrilling adventure filled with milestones, giggles, and the occasional meltdown. But sometimes, challenges like developmental delays, speech difficulties, or behavioral struggles can cast a shadow. If you're a parent seeking support and understanding, we are here to walk alongside you and your precious child.

We believe in the power of insightful play-based therapy and parent guidance to nurture happy, healthy children and confident families. Our gentle approach focuses on:

Early intervention: Supporting children with developmental delays or disabilities like autism, ADHD or speech-language impairments
Social-emotional development: Cultivating healthy attachment, communication, and resilience through playful interactions and supportive guidance.
Feeding and sleep difficulties: Finding solutions for peaceful mealtimes and restful nights, empowering both you and your child.
Behavioral challenges: Understanding tantrums, meltdowns, and other struggles at their root and providing practical strategies for resolution.
Parenting support: Building confidence and navigating every stage with wisdom and joy through individual and dyadic sessions.

Introducing Dyadic Therapy: Strengthening Family Bonds Together


We offers Dyadic Therapy, a specialized approach that supports both parent and child together. In a safe and playful environment, parents and children learn to:


Improve communication & connection: Gain insights and develop effective ways to understand and respond to each other's needs and emotions.
Strengthen attachment: Build stronger bonds through shared experiences and loving interactions.
Address challenging behaviors: Work together to understand the root of tantrums, meltdowns, or other difficulties and develop capacities and strategies for positive change.
Foster emotional regulation: Support and strengthen capacity for co-regulation and ways to manage emotions and create a calmer home environment.


Dyadic Therapy can be particularly beneficial for families facing:

Attachment difficulties

Grief and trauma responses
Communication challenges
Emotional regulation issues
Behavioral problems
Parent-child conflict


Helpful Tips for Families:

Embrace play: Make playtime a priority for learning and connection. Sing songs, build towers, read stories, and let your child's imagination soar.
Watch, Wait & Wonder: Observe your child's behavior and moment-to-moment interactions with curiosity and interest, be patient, present and responsive while giving your child the space to discover and develop. Every mirroring and interaction is socioemotional and language development and learning.
Create a predictable routine: Consistency in mealtimes, bedtime, and playtime helps children feel secure and reduces anxiety.
Stay calm during meltdowns: Tantrums are a normal part of development. Acknowledge your child's big emotions and offer comfort and connection. Get curious and respond to the underlying needs. 
Don't hesitate to seek support: You're not alone. Early intervention and therapist guidance can make a world of difference for your child.


Ready to watch your little one thrive and strengthen your family bond?


Contact us today and discover how Rooted and Rising: Child Counseling & Family Care with Chheng Ear, LCSW can be your partner in nurturing your child's growth and well-being. Call us at: 408-320-9235


Let's build a brighter future for Santa Clara County and Los Angeles' tiniest minds and amazing families.

Remember, every little step counts. Even small changes in your approach can make a big difference in your child's development and happiness.

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